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We’ve heard stories of great internships all over the world. Unfortunately, we’ve also heard stories of terrible ones as well. That’s why we’ve put together this guide (or program template if you like) for you. No costs, no fees, we just want to see better internships.

If you’re an employer looking to hire an intern use this guide to create or supplement your program.

If you’re an intern looking for an opportunity, use this guide to say, “Hey, I’d love to intern with you – and guess what I’ve got this program that we can both follow to make it easier on you and better for me!”

This guide has been developed by our collaborative team of educators, designers, leaders, lawyers and students. Their multiple perspectives have helped to shape a guide / program template that delivers on a fair, transparent and ethical internship program.

There are lots of great reasons to take on an intern or run an internship program:

  • Financial: contrary to many beliefs, an internship does not have to be a financial burden
  • Altruistic: to help graduates get a foothold in the industry, to give back,  and to share knowledge.
  • Sustainability: to improve the sustainability of the design industry by improving the pathways for emerging talent.
  • Finishing school: to bridge the gap between uni and work
  • Experience: to trial emerging designers without the commitment of offering them a job.
  • A great start: For ‘young’ studios it’s the chance to trial employing without a long-term commitment.


Please feel free to follow the guide for your own internship program and use and / or adapt the resources to suit your needs. The forms should be completed by both the intern and the employee. Within each form is a field to add the email address of your employer / intern. Be sure to include this information so that feedback around expectations and performance can be shared transparently. The timeline below will help to define which elements to access at which stage of the internship program.

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