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Filling the gaps in the creative, advertising and design industry

Founded in 2018, Never Not Creative is dedicated to improving the mental wellbeing of people working in creative businesses, teams, and alongside the creative industry. 

If you’re interested in getting involved in the filling of gaps in our industry when it comes to mental wellbeing, diversity and inclusion and more ethical internships, please get in touch

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Filling the gaps in the creative, advertising and design industry

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Since 2018, NNC (under an initiative called Mentally-Healthy in partnership with Unltd and Everymind) has been conducting research into the mental health of the creative, media and marketing industry. 

Initial studies found that more then half of people surveyed (close to 2,000) showed symptoms of anxiety and depression, A third of people believed they would be treated poorly if they disclosed a diagnosis of depression and more than half stated that they wouldn’t tell anyone if they were suffering with poor mental health. 

These findings have catalysed a number of initiatives, programs and communities of volunteers to tackle the presentation of poor mental wellbeing outcomes and the promotion of healthier cultures, accessibility, inclusion and opportunities. 

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next steps:

There is always something going on in our community. We won’t stop until mental wellbeing is understood, valued and safeguarded across our industry. From research, to support groups, to educational initiatives and events there will always be something to tackle, and if you’re ready, something to contribute to.

Upcoming projects include research into the workflows, dynamics, systems, expectations and relationships that can help or hinder good mental wellbeing.

The writing of a social contract between clients and agencies to promote a healthy, valued and mutually respectful relationship – free to use for everyone.


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