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Internships are unfair and unjust – we can do something about it

Carol Mackay - Board Director

BURNOUT shouldn't have to be a rite of passage.

Andy Wright, Creator

it's time for
creatives to support
each other.

Ve Dewey - Co-Creator

Improving our mental wellbeing

More than half of the creative industry display signs of anxiety or depression. In 2018  Never Not Creative uncovered this alarming fact with its Mentally-Healthy survey.. Since then we've been working with industry partners and passionate volunteers to address stigma, support creatives and provide further education.

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Creating better paid internships

Accessibility and opportunity in our industry is slowly rotting away resulting from Unpaid, unstructured internships that are exploitative and elitist.
This dynamic fosters an industry that is only available to those who can afford such internships and jobs.
That's why NNC has created educational resources, Minimum Standards,  and a program template that you can start using tomorrow - for free.

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A more inclusive industry

The creative industry needs to join the 21st century when it comes to attitudes and opportunities for women, the LGBTQI community and –let's face it - anyone who isn’t white, middle-class and male.
NNC is working hard in this space to support existing initiatives as well as setting up our own platform, i.e., Never Not International Women's Day.

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More human creative-client relationships

Speak to any creative and you will often hear of the challenge in working with clients, and vice versa. That's why NNC is working with people from both sides to create fairer, trusting and respectful relationships that let creativity thrive.

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Our community

There's lots of ways that you can help your fellow creatives – and yourself. Join an event, start a walk, ask or answer a question in the Discord server. NNC is a safe non-judgemental space where we support each other. Listen in for a while and then jump in, speak up and play your part.

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Never Not Creative

Never Not Creative was started in 2018. We exist to address the gaps and the cracks that have opened up in the creative industry. Find out more about what we've achieved and what we're planning for the future.

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Watch the latest talks on our Never Not International Women's Day platform



Our Change Groups are volunteer run and help execute plans to improve outcomes for mental health, internships and diversity and inclusion in our industry. Join a group, share your ideas, make change happen. Commitment is usually an hour a month for each meeting and then whatever you can offer to help.

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Join our Discord server to contribute to the discussion, ask questions, share advice, or post work, reading lists or your latest Netflix binge. The more the merrier. It's also the quickest way to get hold of us and start a conversation.

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Whether you'd like to join our monthly Asking For A Friend sessions or meetup at our partnerships with events like The Design Conference, NO/BS or Purpose, find out where we'll be and when here. Got an idea for a collaboration, we're up for that as well!

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We run free career and mental health support groups for creatives. Check in with your peers once a month, discuss mental wellbeing topics, be vulnerable and watch how your group's got your back.

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