This year’s research will continue to monitor the trends of previous waves as well as explore further the causes of poor mental health in our workplaces. The new questions focus on our roles and work are designed and how flexible or hybrid working relates to positive or negative health outcomes AND employers’ recognition of psychosocial hazard legislation and guidance.. Our aim is to make this year’s research our largest study ever. We’ve heard murmurings in our industry of business leaders getting ‘tired’ of the mental health conversation. Sometimes, so are we. But until we can positively identify that workplaces, employers and individuals are making work psychologically safe and that people are being supported accordingly, we’ll still be here, shining a light on the problem as well as the positive stories and examples of where leaders are getting it right.

This year’s survey will take about 20-30 minutes to complete. It’s a worthwhile exercise as it allows each of us to check in with ourselves as well as contribute to the important research that informs the initiatives we take on at Never Not Creative with the Mentally-Healthy Change Group. Also, for any businesses that we can identify as having more than 70 participants (respondents can optionally add their business name at the end of the survey) we will prepare a tailored presentation for the leaders / all staff of the business when we prepare and analyse the results.

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