Welcome to the creative’s pledge. The pledge was written collaboratively by the Never Not Creative community. It’s designed to be a commitment to a better industry and to make sure that we look after ourselves, each other and the value that we provide as creatives.

There are lots of different components to the pledge. From looking after your mental and physical self, to creating stronger, respectful, more valuable relationships with clients. Just click through the different lines from the pledge below.

Please sign and share the pledge. The more people that see and hear about the pledge, the more it can be used as a standard for our industry. It’s quite likely that we’ll refine and update the pledge over time based on community feedback. All of the changes will be recorded on this page.

You can download the images and share them to your social networks, with your friends and colleagues, or even with your clients or employer – or simply print out the one’s that resonate with you and keep them nearby as a reminder. If you’d like to design your own version of the pledge, in your own style, please feel free to do that as well. We’d love to see what you do with it. Just tag us on social media or share with us here on the site.

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