How to improve productivity & focus

How to improve productivity & focus

Finding productivity, focus and a sense of calm can be difficult in the face of looming deadlines and the stress of day-to-day life. To help manage this stress, it can be helpful to apply techniques that relax the mind and body. It can take some practice, but the more you try the more helpful it will be.

Apply the three step sensory exercise

  1. Close your eyes for 10+ seconds (we recommend setting a timer on your phone beforehand) and listen. Notice the sounds you hear around you
  2. Look around your workplace or home for as many shades of green as you can
  3. Place both feet on the floor (you can keep your shoes on or be barefoot). Notice how the surface or texture feels under each individual toe

Use Vision to Focus the Mind

  1. Draw a cross on a piece of paper
  2. Hold the paper away from you
  3. Look at the cross for 10 seconds

How to Calm the Mind

  1. Look far away, toward a horizon e.g. outside your window, toward the city skyline
  2. Soften your gaze
  3. Notice how it feels being in the present

Thanks to Martine Beaumont who shared these tips in a recent Asking For A Friend event.