What diversity can bring to the creative industry

May 1, 2019

Big questions in this episode. Is the lack of diversity in the creative industry holding us back? Can we be more creative as a result? What's it like to be a person of colour in our industry?

Jane and G work in a Sydney creative agency. Both people of colour from London, they're certainly a minority in the Australian creative industry. What has their experience been so far? How can we help more people get into our industry?

We discuss everything from quotas to education and family expectations. It's a great episode about an important (too often ignored) topic. Feel free to continue the conversation in our Facebook group of tweet / insta us at @nvrnotcreative.

Thanks to @Streamtime as always! and co-host @sarahpnguyen

Notes: Here's the website referenced towards the end of the episode: http://www.thecolourofpower.com/

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