Navigating change in 2020

May 12, 2020

This episode is a fully loaded chat with Andrew Dobbie (Founder of Made Brave) and Peter Czapp (Founder of The Wow Company).  One's a creative founder, the other's an accountant – in fact, Peter is Andrew's accountant.

In this fascinating chat, they share stories of how they and other agencies are coping right now. There's lots of advice for how to get through everything that's happening in 2020 and how to plan to come out the other side winning.

Peter shares results from a survey that The Wow Company conducted with agencies across the UK and Andrew gives some very practical advice about getting back to basics, putting culture first and sticking to your values.

Thanks to:
The Wow Company, and this special resource hub they've put together.
Made Brave
Streamtime - this episode was taken from a Streamtime webinar.