Creativity and Football E03

November 27, 2021

Welcome to the third episode in our podcast mini-series. Creativity and Football. We're talking to men about creativity, football and... oh yeah, you probably got it by now. It’s about men and mental health, but hey you’ve made it this far. Just hit play.

Craig Elimeliah is an award-winning ECD at VMLY&R in New York. A native New-Yorker he gets his football analogies from the oval shaped ball rather than the circular one. A couple of months ago, Craig wrote a brave post on Linkedin sharing his experiences with many years of mental heath ups and downs.

It's not easy to suddenly go from zero to a hundred in the transparency and vulnerability stakes, but Craig has taken it in his stride and now understands his own mental health in order to pull the right levers at the right time.

He's also excited by the change our industry is destined to make with a new generation of talent and leaders who won't stand for the toxicity and culture of the past that has burnt out far too many of us.

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Find out more about Craig.

Craig's interview with David Sable for New York Festivals.

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