Creativity and Football E01

October 21, 2021

Welcome to a Never Not Creative podcast mini-series. Creativity and Football. We're talking to men about creativity, football and... who are we kidding? This is an essential listen. A mini-series dedicated to the topic of men's mental health in our industry. We kick-off our first episode with Pete Brennan. Co-founder of Heaps Normal, Electric & Analog and lucky for us, sharer of stories and experiences about his own journey with mental health.

We're publishing this series because its almost guaranteed that whenever we run something around mental health – we'll see max 10% of males as part of the audience. It's time to chat fellas (and everyone of course, but especially the men). The more open you are, the more honest you are and the more you realise that more than half of this world is feeling something similar, the more we can all help each other.

Thank you to Pete for sharing, talking and helping others realise it's good to talk and get to know yourself.

Find out more about Pete, Heaps Normal and Electric and Analog below.

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