How can we make a brighter future for the creative industry

May 1, 2019

This episode was sparked by a tweet. It was followed by a series of examples and stories that people had shared through the Never Not Creative community. Quite a few of you chipped in with thoughts and opinions, and so some of the active participants of the conversation agreed to get together and discuss some of the issues.

So, joining Andy and Sarah in this episode are Jim Antonopoulos from Tank, Ngaio Parr, multi-disciplinary creative, and previous guest, Gabby Lord (you can also get more from Gabby each week at

We discuss everything from the role of leadership to basic human instincts. It's a great conversation across New York, Melbourne and Sydney. That meant the audio can be a little annoying at times (sorry for that). Please stick with it though as the conversation is important!

Have your own thoughts? Jump into the Never Not Creative Facebook group or reignite the Twitter thread!

Thanks to @Streamtime as always! and co-host @sarahpnguyen

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