Equality and respect

August 3, 2021

Join Andy Wright and Sarah Nguyen in another episode to discuss two powerful talks from Never Not International Women’s Day - ‘Until your fear of me isn’t my problem’ with Tanarra Schneider, and ‘Until we flip the question’ with Andy Polaine.

Tanarra is a Managing Director at Accenture Interactive, leading Design in the Midwest. She spills the tea about the outcomes of a system predicated on the fear of women’s success.

Dr. Andy Polaine is a designer, educator, coach and writer who helps clients build and grow their own design and innovation capability, transform their organisations and themselves. Andy flips the question from “what should we do?” to “what should we stop doing?” and dealing with the underlying structural issues that create inequity.

Watch their talks at https://nniwd.nevernotcreative.org/. More at https://nevernotcreative.org/

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