Creative entrepreneurship for social good

January 21, 2022

In this episode, Ve and Andy join forces to chat to recent winners of the Deutsche Bank Awards For Creative Entrepreneurs – Jameisha Prescod, founder of You Look Okay To Me, an online space for the chronic illness community and Nahum McLean, founder of African Diaspora Dance Association (ADDA), an organisation that aims to expand the curriculum and training of dance under the African Diaspora.

Jameisha and Nahum share the importance of strong mentorship, community and not letting social norms stand in your way.

Since 1993, through DBACE, Deutsche Bank has overseen the launch of over 220 ventures, helping young visionaries bring their ideas to life as one of the longest running creative enterprise programmes. In 2018, MeWe360 was brought in as a new partner to deliver and help shape the new direction of the programme.

Every year, the DBACE programme provides support to 13 entrepreneurs (5 Winners + 5 bursary business support recipients, as well as 3 DBACE alumni bursaries). All entrepreneurs join MeWe360’s incubator membership to receive tailored 1-2-1 mentoring which looks at aspects of business support depending on the entrepreneurs’ individual needs.

Applications for the 2022 DBACE program are open now. You can apply here.

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