minimum standards

This is all we are asking for.

We sign a contract with the intern that mutually states the commitments and responsibilities of both parties, including duration, outcomes and other protections.

We will clearly state if a permanent employment opportunity exists at the beginning of the internship. This doesn't mean we guarantee a position for the intern.

We run internships that last for a minimum of 20 days and a maximum of 72 days.

We'll set and record Goals that are negotiated between the intern and us before the internship commences.

We will ensure there is an interim as well as a final review provided to the intern according to criteria set out in the Goals.

We provide an induction with the intern on commencement of their contract.

We'll provide the intern with a mentor/buddy to manage the relationship and the internship experience. The mentor/buddy will have the ability to assist the intern where necessary.

We will take into account the intern's work/life balance when determining the days/times of the internship.

We integrate interns into every aspect of our business, including social, team and whole of company activities.

We commit to opening up our business for the intern to understand everything from how we work, who we do work for, to how our business operates successfully.

We'll ensure our workplace is safe and healthy for all of our people – employees AND interns.

Internship opportunities are available for everyone regardless of race, belief, cultural background, or gender.

Our internship will actively focus on helping the intern prepare for their next stage: either full time position, interviewing or starting their own business.

We support paying interns up to $24.77/hr or $185.78/day plus 11% superannuation, and will not pay less than the National Minimum Wage of $23.23/hr.

We understand that University students who receive course credits for their internship are not required to be paid, but we will aim to pay them the above rates whenever possible.