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We’re on a mission to fix graduate internships and abolish non-payment of interns

We’ve heard stories of great internships all over the world. Unfortunately, we’ve also heard stories of terrible ones as well.

We’re banishing phrases like, “We’re busy, let’s get an intern in” and “Shit, the intern’s here, has anyone got anything for them to do,” to the history bin – writing it off as “we just didn’t know better.”

We’ve created the Internship Minimum Standards to explain the rights of interns and the commitment that employers need to show in the future.

And – we’ve done the hard work for you. A fully self-guided internship program that you can adapt and use, ready-to-go tomorrow.

Maybe you’re an intern looking for an opportunity? Check out the list of signees or get on the front foot and come ready with your own internship program for any employer that you choose.

Pledge to meet the Minimum Standards for GRADUATE internships

Give emerging talent the best possible start in our industry.

Be prepared, be reasonable, pay fairly and understand your responsibilities. The Minimum Standards were developed by the Internships Change Group with expertise and advice provided by Interns Australia.

Join a growing community of businesses making the pledge to deliver on and go beyond the bare minimum. If you’re searching for an internship, check out the list of those who have already signed.

Start an internship tomorrow – we’ve done the hard work for you.

Our group of educators, experts, industry leaders and students have collaborated to create the ultimate guide to running and participating in an internship program for interns and employers.

Complete forms, share expectations around time duration and payment, track progress. Many internships fail because of lack of preparation and understanding of what’s expected of each other.

We’ve got all of that covered as well as advice for every step along the way.

AND – Think you can’t afford one? Think again, with our handy guide to funding your internship program.