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Kimberlee Wells

Kimberlee is CEO of TBWA. She has worked at some of Australia’s most respected advertising, direct marketing and digital agencies advising leading brands and Government agencies. Kimberlee has a curiosity of consumer behaviour, is passionate about data and a strong advocate for the role it plays in evidencing insight and creative impact. Kimberlee is a regular media commentator and speaker at industry events. She is acknowledged locally and internationally for her leadership within the industry and is considered amongst the top 10 of most powerful women in Australian media. Added to that, Kimberlee is one of only 30 global creative leaders currently advising Google Assembly on the role creativity and technology play in our lives in the future.

Amanda Mechanic

Amanda Mechanic is the Manager for Caraniche at Work and has spent over a decade helping businesses improve employee wellbeing and adapt to organisational change. She is an experienced registered psychologist and trained mediator with a background in organisational psychology and commerce. Amanda is actively involved in the development of the EAP sector in Australia through her involvement with the Australasian peak body for Employee Assistance Programs (EAPAA). She is passionate about improving access to EAP services for all Australian workplaces. Supporting her contract management experience, she has expertise within a wide range of workplace issues including organisational change, workplace conflict, bullying and harassment, recruitment and selection as well as managing performance. Amanda has provided consultation, as well as designed and facilitated numerous internal and external training workshops. Amanda also has experience providing short term employee assistance counselling and vocational guidance as well as long term counselling, encountering both workplace and personal issues.



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