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Regina Stroombergen

Regina is the Head Creative Tinker at Thinkerbell. She has worked in agencies across Melbourne and London on a diverse range of clients from different sectors including Auto, Healthcare, Alcohol, FMCG, Retail and Fashion. In early 2021, Regina also founded MIA, a network for Mums In Ads and Mums In Ads enthusiasts. MIA aims to tackle the underrepresentation of mothers in our industry, drive discussion around the reasons behind this and ultimately create change. Regina is also a founding committee member of The Aunties, a support system that inspires, protects and champions women of all ages and backgrounds across creative industries.

Dr Aileen Alegado

Dr. Aileen Alegado is a registered clinical psychologist and the Director of Mindset Consulting, a boutique practice based in Sydney CBD. Aileen has been practicing as a clinical psychologist for over 15 years and specializes in working as a therapist for corporate professionals, business owners, executives and high performers. Alongside her private practice, Aileen has worked in Employee Assistance Programmes, Executive coaching, the facilitation of wellness seminars in the workplace and more recently running wellness retreats for high performing professionals that incorporate psychology with holistic approaches to motivate, empower and thrive in their wellbeing. Outside of her practice, Aileen is also an experienced speaker and presenter, passionate about raising awareness for mental health within the community across TV, radio and print including The Morning Show (channel 7), Sydney Morning Herald and lifestyle magazines such as Harpers Bazaar and Elle Magazine to name a few.



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