How do I account for all the extra hours I work?

Nicky Bryson

Nicky is Principal and Co-founder of Sayers Brand Momentum and a highly experienced brand, consumer and cultural strategist. She has helped guide some of Australia’s biggest brands as well as advise Governments and start-ups on impactful and effective brand transformation, marketing strategy and consumer behaviour. Driven by the need to create a cultural shift within organisations, a positive learning environment and creative pipeline for young people Nicky founded The Trenches. An industry wide free youth mentoring program across media, marketing, creative, technology and consulting that has facilitated over 1500 mentoring sessions globally so far.

Tara Hurster

Many executives struggle with the overuse of drugs, alcohol, and other unhelpful behaviours. The TARA Clinic, where TARA is an acronym for Therapeutic Addiction Recovery Assistance, is the modern solution to addiction treatment and supports successful people to regain control over substance use and addiction while leaving the guilt and shame behind. Tara Hurster is a psychologist and the founder of The TARA Clinic. She understands that people are looking for practical solutions to help them find the freedom they truly crave. As such, she has been the driving force to curate On-Demand Courses and Interactive Programs for people around Australia to have access to practical addiction treatment without needing to interrupt their lives.



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