March 2022 Asking For A Friend event (UK)

March 31, 2022

With guest creative leader, Anne Ditmeyer and School of Life therapists, Anil Kosar and Kate Dryburgh.

Asking For A Friend teams an industry leader with a psychologist to give advice on career, mental health and everything in between. It’s there for the questions you don’t yet have the courage to ask of your boss or at your workplace for fear of how you may be judged or treated. Of course, we hope you can ask those questions, but just in case, you can ask them anonymously for a friend instead.

speakers / Hosts

Kate and Anil

Anil is a relational integrative psychotherapist with over ten years experience working with individuals, mental health organisations, schools and charities in London. Since 2017 Anil has been working at the School of Life, focusing on helping adults with anxiety, depression, grief, relationship, identity and sexual issues, existential blockage, trauma, burnout and a myriad of other work related issues. Kate has ten years’ experience working in the therapeutic relationship, she offers a space that helps people make sense of their challenges in connection with how they relate with themselves, others, and the world. Kate focuses on the role of relationships in both creating and healing suffering. Using the relationship between her clients and herself, she helps them identify relational patterns and themes that may be contributing factors to the challenges brought to therapy. Helping clients understand their relational template based on their own developmental experience, can guide towards the core of where healing and change may be required.

Anne Ditmeyer

Anne Ditmeyer is an American creative coach and workshop facilitator based in Paris, France. Whether facilitating a corporate experience, teaching university students, or running her own workshops she pulls from her background in graphic design, UX, and design thinking to help people explore the world in creative ways and unlock what's inside them. She regularly runs her workshops Write Your Own Rules and Mapping Your Path to inspire participants to explore beyond their comfort zones (most often through mapping on bananas) and live on their own terms. She’s been exploring the intersection between travel and design through Prêt à Voyager since 2007 where her mantra is “travel is not about where you go, but how you see the world."

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