June’s Asking For A Friend event (Australia)

June 6, 2021

With guests, Crystal Fong, Founder, Apostrophe and psychologist, Mary Bonich.

Theme – Progress

speakers / Hosts

Crystal Fong

Crystal Fong spent many years at the world’s biggest advertising agencies (DDB, Ogilvy, JWT) won multiple industry awards and became the first Young Glory winner, before realising she could develop a model that existed outside of agency walls, perhaps one with no walls at all. In 2012, Crystal founded Apostrophe.xyz, Melbourne’s first copywriting agency. Currently peppered across four continents and 20 cities, Apostrophe.xyz will soon be known as a world-first – a brand agency that doesn’t do pictures. Crystal chooses to work with brands and businesses that are creating the future she wants to see. In the past, she’s worked with CARE Australia, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, NASA, LA Philharmonic, Swinburne University, Tim Burton and many a cannabis brand. Crystal doesn’t like public speaking, but she does love adventure. That’s why Crystal has spoken at Pause Festival, Myriad Festival, Deakin University and Melbourne Writers Festival. She once ran a panel for Chicago Public Media’s This American Life. She was born in Australia, educated under the British banner and grew up in the Malaysian jungle. She believes her most significant business achievement is developing a model that allows her to leave it, in search of worldly exploration and personal growth. She believes that real change begins with meaningful communication and enjoys helping others find what’s meaningful for them.

Mary Bonich

Mary Bonich is a Psychologist dedicated to helping people find their way towards a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. She provides counselling for a wide range of mental health concerns, including workplace stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, anger issues, work-life balance, interpersonal difficulties, relationship breakdowns and grief. Mary has worked both in the private and corporate sectors as a psychologist, and has a keen interest in successful social change. She values community and strongly believes in the reinforcement of social support systems to facilitate healthier communities.


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