December’s Asking For A Friend event (Aus)

December 21, 2021

With guests, Lindsay Thompson, Creative Director, Khemistry and psychologist, Tara Hurster.

Asking For A Friend teams an industry leader with a psychologist to give advice on career, mental health and everything in between. It’s there for the questions you don’t yet have the courage to ask of your boss or at your workplace for fear of how you may be judged or treated. Of course, we hope you can ask those questions, but just in case, you can ask them anonymously for a friend instead.

speakers / Hosts

Tara Hurster

Tara Hurster is a psychologist and the founder of The TARA Clinic, where TARA is an acronym for Therapeutic Addiction Recovery Assistance. She supports busy and successful people to regain control over substance use and addiction while leaving the guilt and shame behind. Tara's interest in the space of addiction began early in her career and over the years she has realised that addiction truly doesn't discriminate. After helping thousands of people to work through their experience of substance use she has focussed her sights now on disrupting the way we view addiction through reducing the negative stigma.

Lindsay Thompson

Lindsay is an accomplished Creative Director from Queensland. Currently plying his trade with the team at GrowthOps Khemistry, Lindsay is a mental health advocate and has recently led the Queensland Government’s push to help Queenslanders look after their mental wellbeing with the Dear Mind campaign. Having spent almost 20 years in the industry, Lindsay has more than an insightful understanding of how to make friends, get ahead, and produce outstanding work in the creative industry.

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