The Value Of Creativity

There are thousands of definitions of creativity. Some people will tell you that there are creative people and non-creative people. Others will tell you that everyone has the ability to be creative. Then there are some who will proclaim very publicly that they “don’t have a creative bone in their body!”


Some of us crave creativity from every possible source. We like to spice things up, we’re desperate for variety. We love new things because we’ve become bored with our old things.

Personally, I’d argue that we’re more creative together than when we try as individuals to achieve moments of creativity on our own.

Without new things, we can’t and don’t progress.

Creativity makes us feel alive. Hitting on a new idea, is like an addictive hit of your favourite vice. Discovering something new is like “unboxing” and (for some of us) we get paid for it.

Without the creatives (whether you believe that’s all of us, or a select few with magical talents) our world would be so much duller than the one we live in today. That’s not to say, it would be remarkably better or worse.

Good vs Evil

Unfortunately, creative powers aren’t always used for good. Spectacular demonstrations of creativity can be used to manipulate, persuade, cover up or even steal. They can be used to create advantage for a few, to the detriment of the many.

Luckily, as in any battle of good vs evil, while we may have reached a point in the history of the world where evil seems to be having its 15 minutes of fame, more and more of us are showing how creativity can overcome the damage that’s been done and shine a light to a much brighter, hopeful future. You can even win awards for it.

If it wasn’t for us, the creatives, there might not be much hope.

Problems need to be solved. Solutions need to be found — and we’re the ones to find them. That’s why we need to defend ourselves and the value that we can offer the world.

Investment in creativity

There’s great value in the creativity that we deliver. We’re hired for our expertise, our intuition and the very specific training we’ve undertaken to deliver solutions that others can’t (or don’t have time to). That value needs to be recognised and fairly rewarded — not negotiated down in an attempt to save money. Creativity is an investment in solutions that make a difference, that can change a trajectory, save a business, create positive change in the world.

One of our goals for the Never Not Creative community is to prove, and help everyone to have, a strong and consistent conversation about the value of creativity. Why it’s worth giving time to the process, why it’s worth investing in the talent, and why it’s now a conversation that is happening amongst leaders of nations, communities and businesses.

It’s time to make sure our industry can stay Never Not Creative.

What can you do?

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ArticleAndy Wright