Who's responsible for our industry's poor levels of mental health?

GIF by Jason Clarke (posted on gabberish.com)

GIF by Jason Clarke (posted on gabberish.com)

Andy was recently asked to contribute to the latest issue of online magazine - Gabberish. Gabberish is pitched as creative therapy for creative minds. Many of the industry’s leading minds share their views on challenges in the industry, potential solutions and inspiring stories of work and creativity.

Issue 11 is all about “responsibility”.

There are some excellent articles in this issue contributed by the likes of National AWARD Co-Chair and Creative Director Karen Ferry, Effie Kacopieros and Christian Tough of Yes Agency, and Fee Millist and Becca Duggan of DDB Sydney.

Andy’s article was a challenge thrown-down following the results of our mentally healthy survey.

Who’s responsible for our mental health at work?

Are we doing it to ourselves? Are our clients doing it to us? Is it just the way things are meant to be?

You can read the full article here.

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