The Pressures Of The Design Industry

Interview with Creative Boom magazine

Interview with Creative Boom magazine

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So when Creative Boom reached out to chat with Andy about Never Not Creative, it seemed like a no-brainer.

You can read an excerpt from the interview below, but even better, why not jump over to their site and read the whole piece.

Excerpt from Creative Boom interview - 29.11.2018

What do you think is the biggest problem with the creative industries? What frustrates you?

I think the biggest problem is that we've dug our own grave and we're happy to just drop down and lie in it. That might sound a bit dramatic and apocalyptic, but it frustrates me how accepting we are of things that have a seriously detrimental impact on our lives.

For example, having to work a weekend and not get paid, because that's just the way it is. Can't get paid right now, because there are some other bills for your client to pay. Working for free to get a foot in the door, we've all had to do it. Pitching for free, because it could look great in our portfolio. Burning out - yep take a few days off – you'll be fine.

I'm generalising of course, but the above is just far too normal. We hate to say no. We shy away from conversations about money, and while we'd love for everyone else to speak up and show their vulnerability, it's the last thing we're willing to do ourselves.

We need a new normal. A normal that means we're valued and respected in the same way as other experts and professionals. A normal that sets some standards, levels the playing field and makes life more manageable. I don't mean we want it easy. I don't think that's even something in the creative's vocabulary. I just mean that we earn the respect and value of a truly professional service.

The impact on our mental health comes at a much higher cost than the upside of any 'work' we do. It’s often something we don’t realise until it’s too late. The long hours, the multiple briefs at once, the constructive criticism, the pressure to come up with something new every single day, or the pressure to climb at the same rate as everyone climbing around us – we're so dedicated to pleasing or keeping up with others that we forget to put ourselves first.

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