EVENT 27/3: Sydney - Designing the future of internships - official NNC event

Wednesday 27th March, 6-8.30pm, General Assembly (Sydney)

Wednesday 27th March, 6-8.30pm, General Assembly (Sydney)

Join Never Not Creative, The Design Kids and General Assembly as we join forces to discuss, debate and create a new standard for internships of the future.

The laws are clear on internships. If the intern is doing work that a paid employee could be doing, then they should be paid themselves.

Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Unpaid internships can sometimes be seen as the solution when a business 'gets a bit busy'. Sometimes they're seen as a privilege and so the learning experience is payment enough. Sometimes they're seen as the only way to get a 'foot in the door'.

This event will be a mix of thought provoking talks, sharing of stories, tips for creating and getting the most out of an internship; and a rapid workshop to create a standardised internship program that any employer or intern can pick up and use.

We’ll be sharing great examples of well structured paid opportunities and other solutions for getting valuable mentorship and work experience.

We'll explore all of this and more. For a head start, have a read of: https://www.nevernotcreative.org/posts/never-not-paying-interns

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