EVENT 21/2: Sydney - For What It's Worth - official NNC event

As an industry we need to get better at charging more, educating our clients on the value we provide, and the key components of the creative process that get the best results.

The Never Not Creative community have identified that recognising value, reward and contribution for the work that we do is the key issue that they’d like to work on this year.

On 21/2 we’ll be inviting the community to hear from a mix of leaders in our industry to discuss key questions like...
- How might we stop discounting?
- How might we stop working for free?
- How might we negotiate more time and more money?
- How might we get better at understanding and proving the value that we add to our clients businesses?

The event will be a panel style event at the Dove & Olive in Surry Hills. It’s a free event (all NNC events are free), but we’ll be funding drinks and nibbles for speakers and attendees.

We want to make Never Not Creative as accessible as possible. This means putting on events for free. But - that comes with a challenge. If something’s free, there’s this ever so slight lack of commitment, which means if you just don’t feel like coming, or it’s raining, you might make the decision NOT to rock up. We get it!
So to tackle this, we’ve decided to set a fee of $20 for this event. BUT - here’s the good news. Turn up and we’ll give 100% of it back to you. Don’t, and we’ll put it to funding for future initiatives. Win / Win, right?


Sarah Nelson, ex-Sydney School of Entrepreneurship, Barangaroo, NSW government

Mike Tosetto, Director & Founder of Never Sit Still

Andy Wright, Founder of Never Not Creative, Managing Director at Streamtime

Angela McCarthy, Creative Director at AM Creative

Julie Faktor, Co-founder & Creative Director at Yonder

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