The Mentally Healthy 2018 survey is now closed.

We’re currently analysing the data in order to report our findings towards the end of November. A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the survey, our partners Everymind and Unltd and other supporters below. If you’re interested in writing a story when we release the report, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact page.

Let's talk about being Mentally Healthy

Mental health is a growing challenge for many people. The number of mental health related prescriptions is increasing, the number of diagnoses are increasing, and our awareness of it as an overall health issue is on the rise. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s become any easier to talk about. It doesn’t mean that we’re addressing its origins and sources or that the solution is there for us to simply ‘purchase’. At work (highly likely to be one of the causes — especially in the creative industry) it affects everything from performance to working relationships. More importantly, it doesn’t just stay in the workplace, it can affect home and family life as well.

In a factory, businesses are supposed to put everything they can into keeping their workplace safe for the people who work there. They don’t want people cutting things off, breaking things and not being able to use their limbs to do their job.

As an industry we expect people to use their brains to solve problems, imagine solutions and inspire each other. So it makes sense that we do everything we can to help keep them in working order, if not tip-top shape. The less efficient your brain, the longer it takes to do something, the harder it is to ‘be creative’ and as a result, the longer the hours you work. 

Mentally Healthy 2018 - the biggest study of mental health in our industry

Never Not Creative, Unltd and Everymind are working together to do research into the mental health of the creative, media and marketing industry. The collaboration is an adaptation of research that Everymind has been doing into small businesses across the country. We've been working together to adapt the survey to the creative, media and marketing industry in order create a comparison between the 2 data sets and analyse differences and similarities between the mental health of the industry and the population and businesses in general.

The survey will be live from August 23rd, 2018 and we'll start to report on findings by the end of the year.

More about the larger research program can be found here.

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