Never Not Creative


The Creatives Pledge is a document that aims to set some standards for ourselves already in the industry and those looking to embark on a career within it.

Our hope is that every creative will sign the pledge, share it with others, make it a part of their curriculum, their first day handbook, and keep it as a handy note of guidance to look to when things get a bit tough.

It shouldn’t be too late to benefit from some of the changes and standards we hope to set if you’re already well established in the industry, and it should absolutely help to remove some of the “rites of passage” that have been normalised in the past for those who will carry the baton into the future.



Coming soon…



We love it when someone in the community comes up with an idea for an event. If you’d like to run an event that raises an issue and creates discussion we can help you to promote it. You can see an example for a past event here. Just drop us a line via our contact page and we can help you out with topics and ideas.



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