The Creative's Pledge

The Creative’s Pledge is a document that aims to set some standards for ourselves already in the industry and those looking to embark on a career within it.

It shouldn’t be too late to benefit from some of the changes and standards we hope to set if you’re already well established in the industry, and it should absolutely help to remove some of the “rites of passage” that have been normalised in the past for those who will carry the baton into the future.

Our hope is that every creative will sign the pledge, share it with others, make it a part of their curriculum, their first day handbook, and keep it as a handy note of guidance to look to when things get a bit tough.

I will keep 40 hours a week for friends, family and my own personal development and wellbeing. I won’t sacrifice this time for employers or clients.

I’ll get up and move around at least once an hour when I’m working intensely to stay creative, focused and physically healthy.

If I’m feeling down and unmotivated about work / life, I’ll summon the courage to reach out to those around me who can listen, offer support and understand what I’m going through.

I’ll speak up when I recognise that things are getting out of control. I’ll keep focused on what is ultimately most important – my wellbeing, and the wellbeing of the people around me.

I’ll prioritise living a healthy life, especially when work, clients and my workload are challenging.

I will seek help, guidance and advice from the Never Not Creative community to address poor treatment in the industry and unhealthy workplace culture, knowing that my anonymity can be protected.

I’ll be mindful of how my communication and behaviour impacts the mental health and wellbeing of others, also keeping in mind the example I may be setting for others.

I’ll offer an ear to someone that’s having a hard time so they can take their mind off work and life for a while.

I will collaborate with others in my business to make sure that my employer is looking out for staff, has a mental health policy and actively abides by it.

I believe in an inclusive industry where everyone is given opportunities to succeed – calling out sexism, racism, ableism, ageism as I witness it.

I will not give my work away for free. My choice to donate time and expertise will never be to compete with others.

I will invoice 50% up front for projects that will last longer than a month in order to manage the sustainability of my business.

I won’t hand over final work until it is paid for.

I will frequently review the value that I provide clients. As my experience and expertise grows, I will have the confidence to ensure that it is appropriately rewarded.

I will demand better standards for industry events. I will not speak or present at an event that doesn’t strive to equally represent the different perspectives in the creative industry or that offers zero compensation when the event is for-profit.

I’ll help to educate clients on how long projects take, what the process involves and therefore how much a project is likely to cost.

I’ll treat clients the way that I expect to be treated, with fairness, transparency and respect for their expertise.

I will present and agree a contract with my client that clearly covers scope and deliverables, expected behaviour, mutual respect, reasonable hours for interaction and fair payment terms.

I will actively contribute to the community as and when I can to help educate and empower others, share experiences and expertise, to build a stronger, fairer and more creative industry.

I will use this pledge to stay creative, help others, look after myself, and help build a better creative industry.